Consulting and Coaching Services.

EQscience offers Consulting and Coaching services, on-premise and /or online.

These services can be part of a long-term strategy, a once-off requirement, or even an emergency intervention.

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“Only those,

smart enough to realize they don’t know it all,
will hire a consultant”

Source unknown

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With our Consulting Services, we tend to focus on adepts and professionals.

In general, our consulting service is a dedicated support and advice collaboration,
putting the well-being and good performance of the horses up front,
without losing perspective of the agreed budgets we will work in. 

Our goal is to provide the necessary backup based scientific research and hands-on experience.

It is clear when evolved techniques are used, combined with years of experience, that we can achieve the best results, wherever well-being of the horse needs to be guaranteed!

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“Coaching is taking a Team to where it thought it would never get “

Source unknown

Coaching Services

Our Coaching services can either be from distance or on-premises.

Our coaches will support you and give the technical instructions to get the best results in the training and/or rehabilitation of your horses.
The EQscience team will identify the best training and rehabilitation programs for your requirements, based on advanced scientific research, and the most advanced medicine sports techniques and equipment!

With this equipment and the scientific results, we can follow the physical progress of your training from distance, and based on the conclusions and reports we will adjust the training/rehabilitation program.
This can be done at any time during the program, no matter where and what needs would arise.
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